Respond Search & Rescue

is a Non-Profit CRA Registered Charity, located in Peel Region, with a diverse membership base.

Respond Search and Rescue can assist at your event by providing a multitude of services, Including:

-Liaising with Emergency Services and Public Works
-Provide Event coordinator with a portable radio
-Each member is equipped with a portable radio
-Dispatching services are available

First Aid and Advanced First Aid Services
-Mobile First Aid via ATV and Bike Units
-First Aid Tent for a stationary post
-Members on foot for larger crowds

Event Public Safety
-Provide a needs & risk assessments for your event to identify concerns and solutions
-Assist in setup of barriers and signage for approved road closures*
-Maintain closures for duration of event*
-Provide Lost Child and Search & Rescue Services

Respond Search and Rescue is proud to assist with
-The Terry Fox Run (Streetsville)
-Walk So Kids Can Talk
-Mississauga Santa Claus Parade
-Burlington Sound of Music Festival
-Meadowvale Village Celebration
-Streetsville Bread and Honey Festival
-Streetsville Canada Day Festivities and Fireworks Show
-Clarkson's Ultimate Block Party
-Mother's Day Walk (Streetsville)
-Crime Stoppers Tour de TIPS

Respond Search and Rescue does not provide any of the following functions:
-Security or protection against danger, damage, loss, or crime
-Ticket taking or head counting
-Collecting, counting or transport of money

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have Respond Search and Rescue attend one of your community events.
  *some restrictions may apply