Respond Search & Rescue

is a Non-Profit CRA Registered Charity, located in Peel Region, with a diverse membership base.

Respond Search and Rescue offers the following services:

Courses, Training, & Certification available:
-Standard First Aid
- AED Training
-AdventureSmart Training

-Liaising with Emergency Services and Public Works
-Provide Event coordinator with a portable radio
-Each member is equipped with a portable radio
-Dispatching services are available

First Aid and Advanced First Aid Services:
-Mobile First Aid via ATV and Bike Units
-First Aid Tent for a stationary post
-Members on foot for larger crowds

Event Public Safety:
-Provide a needs & risk assessments for your event to identify concerns and solutions
-Assist in setup of barriers and signage for approved road closures*
-Maintain closures for duration of event*
-Provide Lost Child and Search & Rescue Services

contact us if you would like to have Respond Search and Rescue attend one of your events, or for more information on courses and training offered.

Respond Search and Rescue does not provide any of the following functions:
-Security or protection against danger, damage, loss, or crime
-Ticket taking or head counting
-Collecting, counting or transport of money

  *some restrictions may apply